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Become a member and rent the Club

To submit questions about renting the club click the green RENTALS button above.


Membership rates are $20 for Rental Membership and $35 for Community Membership.  


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the only days available for regular weekly classes.

The classes are scheduled in 1.5 hour blocks with 1/2 hr between each class block.







Classes are $20 per hr or $30 per block.

One time events on weekdays are $20 per hr.

Plus usage fee of $25.

Plus $20 membership fee.


$50 per hr + $50 usage fee 

Available 9am-10pm

Plus $20 membership fee


1/2 day $700 +$75-$100 usage fee 8hrs

Full day $1300 + $100 fee 9am-12midnight

Plus $20 membership fee


1/2 day $700 + $75-100 usage fee 8hrs

Full day $1300+ $100 fee 9am-12midnight

(*Sunday clean up till 12noon + $100)

Plus $20 membership fee


1/2 day $700 + $75-$100 fee 8hrs

Full day $1300 + $100 fee 9am-12midnight

2 full weekend days $1500 + $100 usage fee

3 full weekend days $2000 + $100 usage fee

Plus $20 membership fee​

Sundays - Non Profits/ Community  Events

$25-$50 per hr + $50-100 usage fee

Plus $20 membership fee







Security Deposit

All events require a security deposit of $100 -$500 to hold your date.  ​Smaller events generally require a $200 refundable security deposit. All events require a $50-$100 usage fee. 

Weekend events require a $500 deposit it consists of a $200 refundable security deposit and $300 rental fee down.  The security deposits are refundable 90+ days before your event and considered forfeit if you cancel within 90 days of your event. 


This is a community building. You must follow a detailed closing checklist if you want your security deposit returned. A $50 fee per hour will be levied against your deposit if we must clean up after you clean up!

Alternatively, you may hire us to clean up after your event for a $200-$500 fee.


Your security deposit refund will be mailed the month following your event.


cwc setup 6.jpg
Tables, Chairs and Extras

Tables and chairs are included with the rental fee of the building, as well as garbage/recycle cans and bathroom supplies such as soap, paper towels, and toilet paper. 

Following is a list of available furniture and some rental options. 


12 - 60" round tables

2 - 8' rectangular tables

6 - 6' rectangular tables

2 - 5' rectangular tables

20+ card tables

3 occasion tables on wheels:

small oval 

medium round



For Rent:

Fully Restored Steinway Grand Piano B

$250 per day

$150 tuning (your choice)

$150 for non profit per day

(read the story of the piano here)

Small sound system $40 

includes, cordless mic, aux in, cd player

Renter supplies all linens, dishes etc.

Heading 5
The Space

Interior seating space is 30' x 35'

Dining capacity is 100.

Auditorium capacity is 180. 
Maximum capacity is 220.

The stage is 18' x 17´

Outdoor patio is 25' x 32' 

CWC_cleaning checklist-2.2.jpg
CWC_cleaning checklist-2.3.jpg
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