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Herstory of the Club

The Chico Women's Club building is built on occupied and historical Mechoopda Territory.  The land, designated Rancho Chico, was taken and allotted to John Bidwell in a Mexican land grant in the 1840's. 

Chico Women's Club was inaugurated in 1913 with twenty-eight founding members, Annie Bidwell among them. Margaret March was the club's first president. Originally invoked as the Chico Art Club, by 1929 it had raised enough money to purchase a lot from "Annie Bidwell Orchards" (for one ten dollar gold coin) and construct a building that would support art and community gatherings. Our iconic building was completed in 1932. Unfortunately, all records of the Chico Art Club up to 1950 were lost in a fire, in which our 1911 Steinway Grand Piano was severely damaged. In 1950 Chico Art Club joined the General Association of Women's Clubs, an international organization, and changed its name to Chico Women's Club. During the 50s membership climbed to over 300. Member's names, even into the early 60s, were listed as "Mrs. Husbands name Here." This larger group even formed a subgroup, Chico Junior Women's Club, for those 35 and younger with children. In 1957 this group of young mothers initiated plans for Caper Acres and enlisted community help for its completion, which took ten years.


Today, the Chico Women's Club beautiful building and grounds still hosts many art and community events. Please join us and become a member today by visiting our membership page. Dues are only $35 annually.

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