August 26, 1920 the 19th Amendment was adopted, giving women the right to vote.

Women's Voices, Women's Votes is a live, star-studded performance with musical performers, special guests, and elected officials - a virtual packed stage of entertainment and up-to-the minute news from Chico Democrats.

August 23, 3:30-5pm, fundraiser 

streaming on facebook: dacc chico

Congratulations to our 2020 CWC scholarship recipients.

This year we awarded Butte College scholarships to eight young women from three high schools; Chico, Inspire, and Fairview.  Award ceremonies were virtual so we didn't get to meet the women, but we did receive the photos below.  From Chico High (left to right), Morgan Hirschberg, Kayli Corron, and Sela Dowell. Graduating from Fairview are Drexyl Muega and Lizette Mercado-Mendiz. Not pictured but also receiving funds are Serena Kuhn, Heather Hardie, and Jasmine Neel.  


Chico Women's Club is proud to support these young women in furthering their educational goals.  Our best wishes to all.

CWC Blue Bag Food Drive

A HUGE thanks goes out to our CWC and Chico community for responding to our Food Drive.  We brought in 2,532 pounds of food!!  Special thanks to Jean Louise Green, Pamela Beeman, Debbie Silveira, and Elodie Sisk for staying to help with the bags and boxes that arrived. Bella Gina Luciana and Peggy Malnar gave help from the Chico Food Project.  They sent drivers and trucks that picked up all that food and took it to the distribution center.  


These are words from Desmond Tutu that I have learned to live by.  They reassure me when I get depressed by how much need there is in the world.


"Do your little bit of good where you are.  

It's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world."


Debra-Lou Hoffmann

CWC President

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