Available Space & Seating

Interior seating space is 30' x 35' with a maximum capacity of 220 people.

Auditorium capacity is 180 people.
Dining capacity is 100 people.

The stage is 18´ x 17´ 3".
The outdoor patio is 25' off the building and 32' wide

Furniture & Kitchen

12 - 5' round tables

4 - 6' rectangular tables

2 - 5' rectangular tables

1 - 8' rectangular tables

24 card tables3 occasion tables: rectangular 5.5' x 2.5', round 4', oval 4' x 2.5'

150 black padded folding chairs, 40 green patio chairs

Kitchen with 4-burner stove, double oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, 2 sinks, and 3 large garbage cans

Cleaning Checklist


Please contact Sara Rose for questions and concerns.

(530) 894 1978 (text friendly)




A podium with a microphone and amplifier
​ Sound system: speakers and an amplifier, CD player, two microphones: one wireless and one wired. (Would service one guitar player, or speaker, or dance instructor) $40


Fully Restored 1911 Steinway Grand Piano (7')

$150 + $100 tuning fee for non profit events

$250 + $100 tuning fee for concerts, private events


Price List

Monday - Thursday before 5 PM: $20 per hour


Thursday after 5 PM: $50 per hour

Regular Class rates: $10 per hour during the day and $15 per hour after 5 PM, only available M T W
(must meet at least twice a month to be considered regular)

Half day (Fri, Sun): 8 hours: $600, $60 for each additional hour. *Saturday not available for half day rate 

Full day (Fri,Sat,Sun.) 8 AM - Midnight: $1200

Cost is $1300 if full day rental plus half of the next day for cleanup (until 12noon). 

Weekend: $1600 for two full days; $1800 for three full days


​**Events sponsored by non-profits for fundraising or community education/outreach qualify for special Sunday $10 per hour rate.



Deposit is $200-$500 per event, reimbursed, minus cleaning fee, a month following your event. 

A Saturday $500 deposit is: $200 mostly refundable deposit and $300 rent down. 


Our clean-up policy requires a minimum charge of $25 for the first hour. That means a $25 cleaning fee will ALWAYS be deducted from your deposit. If cleaning takes more than an hour, each additional hour will be $50 per hour.


The renter (you) will be required to follow a clean-up checklist before leaving the building.


If you do a good job following the checklist and cleaning, our cleaning crew should only need to mop the floors, which should take one hour, UNLESS the floors are very dirty and require two rounds of mopping.


If you would like the Women's Club to clean up after your event the charge is $200.  Your only requirements are to remove the garbage, bring in outside furniture and check for water spots on the floor.


We also offer an option for you to donate your remaining deposit funds to the Chico Women’s Club 501(c)(3) non-profit building fund to help us maintain this historic building. For this donation you will receive a tax deductible receipt.

             All Children under 18 must be supervised on the premises.

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