Our History

​The Chico Women's Club began in 1913 as the Chico Art Club. Our founding mothers included Annie Bidwell and Margaret March, the first president. Meetings were held in each other's homes until our present clubhouse was completed in 1932. A fire in 1950 destroyed all of the Club's early records. The 1951 yearbook lists 242 members by their husband's first and last names! It also indicates that they were affiliated with the National Federation of Women's Clubs, known for its progressive agenda.

By the 1960's we had dropped out of the National Federation but retained The Chico Women's Club as our name. We now used our own first names in the yearbook! In the 1970's we created Caper Acres and Annie's Glen. In the 80s we spearheaded the restoration of Bidwell Mansion and began hosting the Holiday Open House and we still do today.

In the 1980's membership began to decline as women became employed, single mothers, and literally on the move. By the millennium only a small group of older women remained. In 2004 a group of younger women joined the club and membership has risen again to over 60. The past 105 years has been rich and varied. Today, an expansion of the Club's goals from self-enrichment, to community service and a focus on national and global concerns is enthusiastically embraced by members.